How to Tell a True War Story

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How to Tell a True War Story"

O'Brien was drafted into the army during the Vietnam War. He is telling several stories in different points of views, of things that happened to him and his buddies while at war and on how you or someone else might believe or not believe a true war story. He tells about how his friend dies in three different views. How his friend dies and it looks beautiful, somewhat how is happened and then the true war story. He also tells little stories within the whole Story.

The first story O'Brien tells is how his friend's death looked beautiful. He starts off by naming who is his friend was that died, which is Curt Lemon. Curt and Rob Kiley aka Rat Kiley, they were goofing around (like kids do) playing catch around a mine field. Playing catch in a mine field you don't hear that everyday. Then suddenly a noise struck and separately curt stepped from the shade in the sunlight .His face was Brown and shinny. " A handsome kid really sharp grey eyes , lean and narrow wasted, and when he died it was almost BEAUTIFUL" For a moment there I thought O'Brien was saying death was beautiful , so Die. You know when you die you see the light. That was the way I understood it. That was the first story O'Brien had told. He says "When a booby-trap explodes, you close your eyes and duck, truthfully to me if I would have heard a noise struck I would have ran and not have stayed to watch. He states in many cases a true war story cannot be believed. Is that true? I think if depends on who's telling the story.

Many people often think that crazy stuff is true and normal stuff isn't. O'Brien begins to tell of a short story about craziness in people. A man named Mitchell Sanders and his trail of 6-man platoon. They were sent to the Mountains to listen to the Enemy; Well I don't think they heard the enemy. They had been there a couple of days just listening to the air, animals eating etc…. They grew tired and started to hear things, like...
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