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The culture of the UK is mainly determined by the culture of England, with the addition of local cultural traditions of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as, to a lesser extent, cultures of many countries, one of the former colonies of the British Empire. Large-scale changes in the culture of the UK occurred after 1945. The most notable examples of these changes can be a transformation of Liverpool, and then London, the center of the world of pop culture in the 1960s. "The Beatles" were only the very first and most famous of the British rock band that conquered the world. British fashion designer famous for his avant-garde style and bright clothes from shops in Carnaby Street and Kings Road became known far outside of London. Flooded after the formation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the flow of immigrants from developing countries brought a diversity of cultures and religions of the developing countries. The interaction of these cultures and the general culture of the UK in many ways defines the current United Kingdom. SPORT

Today in the UK are popular variety of sports that involve a great number of participants and spectators. Some sports attract minority or only certain classes of society, while others like the vast majority of British people. The most popular sport for both men and women is walking. In men, the following sports in order of popularity are billiards, snooker, darts, swimming and football. The women - swimming and aerobics. Fishing is the most popular sport in the province. Games for amateur and professional football round the year, the British team are also involved in international competitions. At the moment it is the most popular sport, has long lost touch with their roots in the working class. Professional football has evolved into a large, family-oriented entertainment company, which, however, suffer from bullying, declining visits and financial crises. However, such changes in recent years, as improved seats in...
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