Ideas Behind the American Revolution

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Michael Veen
American History I
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Ideas Behind the American Revolution

The American Revolution produced a new nation, however this new nation was not created from new beliefs. Numerous facets of the new America derived from old ideas from Britain. The bulk of the new American culture was loosely based off of British culture. The design of America’s political freedom was a product of the harsh British monarchy. The uniting of the original colonies and understanding the idea of being one country resulted from the revolution. The entire American Revolution was based upon altered British ideals and principals.

Each colony’s culture derived from some type or form of British practice. Even though colonial culture habits were different in each colony, they all developed from British practice over time. Emigration from different parts of Britain even helped create diverse cultures within each of the colonies. It was the comfort of the British values that gave the meaning to each of the colonies and their cultures. Without British culture, the colonies in America would not have been able to evolve into the culture that Americans learn about today.

Moreover, the American political freedom became impacted, as well as influenced by British ideas. Unlike the British, the colonies did not want to be ruled as subjects, they wanted to be governed as independent citizens. If one were to take the image of a king, and have him sitting on top of a pyramid, that would be a pictorial description of how British politics worked. Now, if one were to imagine this pyramid flipped upside down, this would represent the American ideals of how colonies should be governed. Instead of having a king direct orders to all of his subjects, citizens were able to be independent, able to be free from hierarchical constraints. With monarchy no longer present in the colonies, this allowed for a healthy relationship between governors and those being governed....
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