Topics: Milk, Fruit, Kefir Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Shuming Yu & Yue Xu
Subject: Noosa Yoghurt

The Koel Thomac found the Noosa Yogurt in the U.S. The Noosa Yogurt have their own production line in the same year. Noosa is a company specializing in the production of yogurt and Noosa yogurt is one of the most popular yogurt in U.S.A, and customer can buy it freely in any supermarkets like Korger, Target and Walmart. From the Noosa official website:, and we can get lots of related information about the Noosa. Firstly, a huge advertisement about the new flavor of yogurt will catch your eyes: the coconut yogurt and the pineapple yogurt. Noosa show three important thing on the middle of website page involved their Aussie-style, how to contact with Noosa and the farm fresh. Secondly, back to the top of website page and there are three links to products, Noosa story, news and how to contact Noosa. Customer will know the kinds of flavors for Noosa yogurt in different color on the page of the product, and there are links to nutrition information and ingredients near the photo of Noosa yogurt. On the page of story involved the business philosophy of Noosa, the special style called Aussie style that they always insisted and the ingredient of Noosa yogurt. Fourthly, if the customers want to learn more about Noosa more, and they can click on the link of Noosa news and the contact. Noosa shows some interesting news about their own production and the contact number on the website. On the other hand, Noosa keep highly reputation in the competitive yogurt market. So, there are some main competitors to Noosa such as FAGE, Green God, and the FAGE is the leader of yogurt market which is accepted by public in general. So, how to does a place in the competitive market? Actually, yogurt components are similar and the main material is milk, but Noosa have a unique formula to attract customers. Noosa yogurt is made in small batches, set and infused with honey to give it that delicious sweet-tart...
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