How to Run a Folk School

Topics: Uncle Tom's Cabin, American Civil War, Harriet Tubman Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 2, 2013
War is a huge phenomenon in America. It is especially so here and is permeated through our lives in more ways than one probably fathoms on a daily basis. Through actual, violent warfare, to political spectacles between competing parties, fanatical sport supercritical, to quiet warfare waged amongst us citizens by the elite powers which control our existence, war is a constant that is waged rabid amongst the citizens of America. Perhaps the two most obvious styles of war that have been waged for the past several centuries is race & gender. In her timeless speech in a period on great strives for change for these two classes of warfare, Sojourner Truth projected a powerful voice first hand experience of the negligence showed to her due to the color or her skin and the reproductive organs in her body. Her heartfelt cry to an unhearing nation to the voices of the less appealing can be beacon of pride for the souls who have suffered from, now, and until equality is opportunity for all.

in her speech, Truth spoke the 13 children she gave birth to while in slavery. all of her children were takin away and sold as slaves. her youngest son was brought back to her at the age of 6, bear whip lashes on his back due to insubordinate. at the age of 18 he joined a cargo shipped, and never returned to the states to his mother. Sojourner Truth became a born again christian, and the missioned around the country preaching gospels. She found joy in traveling the country preaching to other christians, which took her mind away from her sorrow of slave life. she helped wounded soilders in the civil war along with harriet tubman. she had two against her for not only being african american, and also being a woman. the bible speaks in the book of isiah, that when walking in the righteous of god, no man made women will do harm towards you. by her preaching and teaching the gospel, her boundaries became dimished and her message was able to become world renoun. she preached her until her...
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