Is Now the Time for Reparations for African Americans?

Topics: Black people, American Civil War, White American Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: February 13, 2013

Is Now the Time for Reparations for African Americans?

Reparations for African Americans was a projected idea that would help African Americans get a form of earnings that would make up for the severe punishing and sufferings they all faced as a culture, and as slaves. Robert L. Allen and The Economist both argue on reparations for African Americans and strongly oppose based on their views. Robert L. Allen, a professor strongly believes that reparations for African Americans is necessary in order to achieve economically in society within the United States, while opposing, the staff writers of The Economist question if the reparations policy for African Americans is appropriate. The Economist argues that it is pointless for African Americans to receive reparations because of the difficulty finding the past African American victims of slavery, as well as the past racial harassment's are no longer with today’s society, so they say.

Shortly after the Civil War ended, an anti-slavery activist, Sojourner Truth organized a petition campaign for slaves. Truths’ petition campaign was primarily focused on seeking free public land for the former slaves. To support her campaign, she stated, “America owes to my people some of the dividends. She can afford to pay and she must pay. I shall make them understand that there is a debt to the Negro people which they can never repay. At least, then, they must make amends.” Unfortunately, Truths’ petition campaign was unsuccessful. Truth felt as if giving former slaves dividends would still be the fair thing to do; she wanted America to be considerate of the situation and understand that it was only right to pay back for the pain and suffering they caused African Americans and the past slaves to face for countless years.

In the 1890’s, another black woman, Callie House, filed lawsuits and petitioned the Congress for reparations payments to African Americans, just as Sojourner Truth tried. Luckily,...
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