How to Read Your Palm Print

Topics: Traditional Chinese characters, Left-handedness, Human anatomy Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: April 9, 2012

Have you ever heard that we can know some of our physical and mental condition just through reading our palm prints? (Chinese student: So did your parents bring you to any master to analyze your palm print when you just a little kids?) However, my mother took me to find a people so-called master and to read my palm print. First, I didn’t believe it because it is sounds ridiculous that you can know your body just through reading your palm prints especially as the development of science. But, on the other hand, reading palm print has been circulating thousands of years in China so maybe we have no reason to deny it and it would not be a fantastic talk. As the art of healthcare of traditional Chinese medicine is more and more hot these days, reading palm print becomes more and more popular. So believe it or not now, I will tell you how to read your palm print.

In traditional Chinese medical science, people consider that human body is an organic whole. Every part of your body has close connection with your internal organs. If these parts of your body have some pathological changes, it can be reflected on some part of your body, and the palm prints are regarded as the window of your body and can reflect your internal conditions sensitively.

And now, let us learn how to read it. First, raise your hands and your left hand represents your inborn condition, and your right hand represents your postnatal development. Because the time limit I just teach you some main lines on your palm.

1. This one is your lifeline. It not means your life span but means how strong is your vitality. If the extent is large here that means you are vigorous, adversely, your body is feeble and you are easy to feel tired. If you have chain shaped prints here, in your childhood you may weak and sickish.

2. If you have this tassels shaped print on the end of your lifeline, when you become the aged you should avoid senile diseases. If you have...
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