How to Play a .Wav File in C++

Topics: Video card, ATI Technologies, Expansion card Pages: 4 (539 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Assessment Task: Write a 1000 word report on ONE (TASK A OR TASK B) of the subjects listed below

This project is worth all of the coursework mark and half of the UNIT mark (note: the coursework and exam must both be passed) So a minimum of 40% will be required in this assignment to proceed.

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Write a 1000 word report on the modern PC graphics card. Your report should address the following issues:

Marking Criteria

| | |Notes | |The demands on the modern day graphics card. |20% |What tasks it is required to perform and what computational load these tasks | | | |involve. | |Hardware built into the card to meet these |50% |What architecture is built into the card to perform the above tasks? In what | |demands and how it works. | |ways is this architecture customised. | |The state of the art video card technology and |10% |What new technology has recently been introduced and what new technology being | |likely future developments. | |developed. | |Presentation and communication. |10% |Document should be written for the average reader. Technical terms, concepts and| | | |acronyms should be explained fully. | |Use of diagrams |5% |The use of appropriate...
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