how to overcome barriers to effective communication

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Communication in business is the passing on of ideas and information and building relationships in this way, however in the process of doing so sometimes some issues and conditions may arise that might hinder the ideas and information being passed on from being understood clearly these are what we refer to as communication barriers. Therefore, it's very important to identify the barriers of business communication to get your message across clearly. Organizational communication involves formal and informal communications throughout an organization. This branch of communications considers an organization's communications to employees, with employees and from employees to upper management. When a business or organization does not establish clear communication policies, define roles or provide training for better communications, this can result in several barriers to effective communication.

The communication barriers that may arise in an organization include the following; No/Poor Communication Strategy.
When organizations fail to establish consistent communication materials and policies for employees, this can lead to a major breakdown in organizational communication. For example a salesperson who is unclear about features and benefits of the organization's products may not meet projected sales goals. When clear communication guidelines and policies are not established, this may cause serious problems for the organization. One-way Communication.

Organizations should not just be concerned with communication that flows from upper management to employees only , but also from lower level employees to upper management so that they can issue their issues, concerns and ideas Processes must be established so that employees can report grievances, cases of sexual, verbal or physical harassment, and suggestions for improvement. In a recent article, Ann Meyer of the Chicago Tribune refers to the results of surveys conducted at 54 companies between January and August of 2010, which showed that in addition to pay raises and other favorable employment conditions, workers wanted increased communication.

Non-responsiveness to employees
When organizations solicit feedback from employees and then disregard the information they receive or take long to give feedback, this will hinder communication within the organization, but also lead to mistrust which will always hinder any future communication made since attitude of the employees will be bad . According to Meyer, Convergint Technologies did an employee-engagement survey in 2009 and gave each of its 860 employees $100 cash for a "fun-and-laughter" personal day, based on the suggestion from one of its employees. Companies who are not responsive to employee feedback therefore create a barrier for effective organizational communication and risk losing out on employee loyalty, commitment, satisfaction and engagement. Using the Wrong Communication Channel.

When the wrong communication channel is used the message may not be understood clearly or it may bring about a lot of confusion. Different situations may require different communication channels therefore it is advised that the communication channel being employed is fit for the message being communicated. For example sensitive issues like layoffs and terminations are best communicated face-to-face, while other situations like performance reviews and behavioral issues should be documented so they can be reviewed in the future. Distance

Distance is a major communication barrier especially for those organizations that have offices in various geographic locations and although teleconferencing has provided assistance in bridging communication gaps between business associates in different geographic locations, it is often viewed as less effective than meeting face-to-face. Part of the problem is from being unable to read facial expressions and body language (non-verbal communication), which can lead to misinterpreted reactions. Culture....

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