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How to Manage Your Stress Wisely

By twatkins81 Feb 27, 2013 751 Words
How to Manage your Stress Wisely

Stress is defined as a physiological response that occur when an organism fails to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats (Selye, 1956, p.1). It can also be defined as something that puts a strain on your health and overall well-being. Stress is considered “The Unseen Killer” according to Charles Stangor. I, personally, define stress as the number one killer. I think stress is the behind the scenes killer to many different illnesses like high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks and nervous break downs. People are faced with stress every day when it comes to daily life situations. Jobs cause stress, schoolwork causes stress, traffic causes stress, relationships cause stress and illnesses cause stress. According to the “The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale”, based upon a survey of everyday life events that could cause stress out of 2,500 military soldiers, there are 40 leading stressors that lead to people being put in the hospital (Rahe, R. H.,1970, p.12). People become hospitalized because they do not know how to manage stress. If people had a better response to stress and different ways to manage stress, they may be healthier. Since stress is a behind the scenes murderer, I have decided to share some stress management exercises with my best friend. She has been going through a divorce. She is now a single mother of two eight year old twins. She has a full time job and she is a part time student. Not only does she have a lot of responsibility, she is also hoping for a promotion to become project manager for her current employer. Between all the juggling schedules and making time for herself, she is beyond stressed. She has lost weight, her hair is falling out, and she never makes enough time to relax. I have come up with a stress management guide that I think will be helpful for her. I find that the power of positive thinking is a great beginning. The best antidote for stress is a happy one: Think positively, have fun, and enjoy the company of others (Stangor, 2013). Wake up with the thought of “Today will be a great day.” Being optimistic about life will help her with dealing with her daily issues she is faced with. Optimistic thinking helps remove doubt and negative thoughts. Being optimistic about her daily life will help nurture positive thinking. I want her to know that, even though things seem overwhelming, there is plenty to be happy about. She has two beautiful healthy children, a stable career that is considering making her a project manager, a stable environment that her children can rest in, and, although she is divorcing, it can bring a new beginning. I also recommend more planning and time management. With planning and time management, it can reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed and rushed. It will help her self-efficacy, which will help her be proactive and give her the satisfaction of some accomplishment. She can plan out her week, which will allow her some free time for social support from friends and family. Social support will be uplifting to her and let her know that she has a support team. Last, but not least, to help her manage her stress, I would allow her to choose an activity for us to do weekly. Some good stress management activities would be exercising, meditation, shopping, eating out, activities with the kids or just basic girls night out. This time will enable her to be free from some worries and have some fun, laughs, and relaxation. Laughing is truly good for the body and fun brings laughs. Relaxation removes tension and allows the body to be at ease mentally and physically. In conclusion, stress management is vital to our health. It has a big impact on our overall health as far as our moods, heart condition, and mental state. I hope that this information on stress will help her manage her stress and know the facts about stress. Being healthy and stress free is an important factor in healthy living.

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