How to Maintain a Lifelong Friendship

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Sociology, Friendship Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: June 17, 2010
A better life ! Everybody demands a better life and each has his own perception or definition for it. Today, let us tell you about our definition on the phrase ‘ a better life ’ . To us, it means the improvement of something towards the perfection in every single aspect. Every single aspect includes our social life, health and the other ways of our life. The main point of our discussion today is about a better social relations with friends.

When we talk about social activities, people will obviously says that social means entertainment. How about we widen our thinking by exploring the true definition on the word ‘ social ’. Social does not only means entertainment but it also means the interaction among ourselves with our family, friends and surroundings – especially nature. In reality nowadays, some people have such a limited social life and some of them are very sociable so that they have a wide or ‘ wild ’ social relation.

For those who owns a normal social relation – which is not excessively sociable or too geeky, friends are very important to them. If these relationships are healthy, they are arguably of great benefit to us. However, if these relations are negative, they can give a profound effect on us. Nobody in this world can live without any single friend. Thomas Moore had once said, ‘ To the soul, there is hardly nothing more healing than friendship ’ . Maybe, its just Erik in the story ‘ Phantom of The Opera ’ who did not have any fellow friend. There is a person who said that ‘ the first people you make friends with, will not be the one that you remain friend with ’. These words are really true. It is hard to believe that friendship could lasts forever, especially when it was based on

“ To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than a friendship ”- Thomas Moore

superficial reasons. We must attempt to maintain lifelong friendship since friends are the ones who always cheers us...
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