How To Join All You Videoaudioimages Into One Video

Topics: File format, Mergers and acquisitions, DVD Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Occasionally need some fragmentary burn video files to VCD or DVD discs, due to the format of these documents are often different, before the merger must first convert them into a unified format. So we have to be installed in the computer several different formats for video conversion and merger software. In response to these mergers and conversion software, less the number of files is no big problem, of course, the file back and forth more than a replacement software to operate not only troublesome, but the efficiency is still very low. Through continuous improvement, and finally AllPepole develop and find a solution to these problems can be the perfect software "My Merger".

AllPepole Video Merger is a currently the fastest and best merger tool for merging video, audio and pictures. AllPepole Video Merge can support AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, WMV and other video formats to any merger, it also supports multiple video and video merge, video and audio, video and images, audio and images, pictures and images. Its operation is very simple, just to implant your media files into the software, select the good order of the merger, the merged file is saved to the favorite route, click Start merge immediately get!

Often concerned AllPepole friends all know that all operations of AllPepole Software are very simple. In addition to video merge software, there is still some very practical software. Supports all video formats video conversion software such as My Video Converter; not only can support all video, audio and photo playback and preview, but also for simple media merger such as My Player; mobile trans software makes two mobile phone content swap such as My Mobile Swap; let your picture more dynamic and beautiful picture editor such as My Photo Editor. Of course, these are now not only able to download and install the software in AllPepole official website, but also free to use at the Mac App Store.

Free Download AllPepole video merger at APP Store:...
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