How to make the library more interactive

Topics: Video clip, Learning styles, Word processor Pages: 6 (1636 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Library project

By: Kevin Fernando
Class: 9 RoC
Word count: 1,387

Children Interactive Library
(Age Group targeted: 3-7 year olds)
Adding physical installations in the library can make the library more fun and educational. What is it?
Obtaining information through any means of medium like sound, touch, smelling and seeing is known as a physical installation in a library. How does it work?
The children get to see new things, touch them and play with them. Visual design and choice of material also plays an important role. How is it interactive?
In recent years, obtaining information on different ways has grown. Theories of multiple Intelligence and different learning styles have been taken into aspect. The children get the see new things and interact with them.

How would it be helpful?
By adding physical installations in the library, the children get stimulated and get encouraged to visit the library more. Is it educational?
Yes, it will help a kid who doesn’t like reading at all to get more information and knowledge.


PG 1- Design, Specifications
PG 2- Specifications
PG 3- Tests for the Video, Evaluation(Specifications)
PG 4- Evaluation(Specifications)
PG 5- Design Draft
PG 6- Plan
PG 7- Plan, Screenshots
PG 8- Screenshots
PG 9- Evaluation of whole project
PG 10- Bibliography
PG 11- Appendix
In this project, we are required to create any medium which makes the library more interactive. The topic is to make the library more interactive. It is important that children visit the library to gain more knowledge. In this project, I chose to make a video and advertise the library to make more children to visit it. I can use windows movie maker or any other video editing program to make the video needed for this project. My objective is to make a video that convinces the children that the library is great and should make them want to visit it more often. I will give a clear understanding for the children about my video. To convey the information to the children through different types of animations and pictorial information as they will find it more fun and will enjoy the video. Specifications:

A video editing program
Altered pictures
Page numbers
Title design’s
Educational and creative content equally balanced
Time limit
Topic details at the beginning
Appropriate content
No confusion of the topic
Children should understand it
Work organized
Index and credits at the end and the beginning
Should have different chapters
Video should be enjoyed by viewers
All important piece of information will be made into a separate chapter in the movie Video should be simple and neat
Video burned to a DVD/CD
Appropriate DVD burning software
Quiz for young viewers
Good and neat captions
Index at the beginning of the video
Mind maps
Timeline designed appropriately
Changes in picture if necessary
Saving video in backup disk if necessary
Video should be according to the timeline
Theme music
Background music
Time limit- About 3-4 minutes long
Simple concept for individuals
Texture and colour of the background
Chapters should be numbered
Chapters should be named
Organizing the time appropriately
Appropriate computer of laptop
Tests for the video:
Spelling and Grammar check:
Before putting all the titles and the texts, I will spell-check it and check if the grammar and punctuation is proper using Microsoft word as I need to go through this department quite quickly as I will lose time if I spend a lot of time on this alone. Audience test:

After I have finished the video, I will have it been seen by my friends and family members and ask them to rate the video on a scale of ten. If I get the ratings a bit low, I will try to change few parts of the video but the idea will be the same. Hopefully, my video won’t be so bad. I will evaluate myself through the...
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