How to Improve People's Lives in Developing Countries?

Topics: Developed country, Emerging markets, Country classifications Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: January 11, 2011
How to measure development? Few can deny that the world’s wealth is highly concentrated. ‘Populations of North America and Eastern Europe eat well, consume most of the world’s fuels, live in generally well serviced homes while many people in Africa, Asia and America are less fortunate.’ In those areas majority of population lack balanced diets, reliable drinking water and adequate incomes. Many of them are illiterate, malnourished and suffer from various contagious diseases. We cannot reject information that the world is divided into MDCs (more developed countries), NICs (newly industrialized countries) and LDCs (less developed countries). In this piece of work I am going to find solutions to improve people’s lives in the two latter ones.

Nowadays high proportions of people live in cities in LDCs and NICs. Less fortunate countries are constantly undergoing a period of urban growth and urbanization similar to that in Europe during the nineteenth century. This growth is mainly accounted for by a high rate of natural increase of population. High rate of migration from rural population also causes urban growth. People very often find jobs in the informal or service sectors. In this place, the assignment of the government is to generate employment to bring those people into the mainstream society. Governmental institutions can create co-operatives of dressmakers, cleaners, construction workers or vendors. What is more, making those people aware of the possibilities that they have is a key to success. Improvement of education and provision of relevant courses should be placed on the top of the ‘what-to-do’ list. In addition to these solutions, I would add the access to credit for the residents, so that they could buy construction materials to improve their difficult living conditions. Whereas the situation in the cities is easier to improve, people living in rural areas deal with more severe problems. They are quite often living in high-risk areas, such as...
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