How to Hire and Manage the Relationship with an Attorney

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How to Hire and Manage the Relationship with an Attorney

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Disclaimer: This information used in this document is to be used as a guide. Please obtain legal or accounting advice where appropriate.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction...pg3
II. History...pg3
III. Information concerning the relationship (Who it affects and when to start looking)…pg4 IV. Dynamics of the Relationship (What to look for)…pg5 V. Good Characteristics of an Attorney…pg7

VI. Bad Characteristics of an Attorney…pg9
VII. How to Hire an Attorney in a Step-by-Step Manner…pg10 VIII. The Importance of Understanding about how to Hire an Attorney…pg12 IX. How to Maintain a Good Relationship with an Attorney in a Step-by-Step Manner…pg14 X. The Importance of Understanding about how to Manage the Relationship…pg15 XI. Conclusion…pg17

XII. References…pg18

I. Introduction
A. The word difficult does no justice in describing the process of starting and operating a business. Individuals that embark on such endeavors can experience feelings of insecurity and disadvantage in response to the cumbersome, complex details that require particular attention and effort. To remedy this, entrepreneurs have traditionally delegated task to individuals. They would rely upon their knowledge and skill to help them accomplish their objectives and to do so more efficiently. The work of some individuals provide for the means of production, while others provide guidance. Overtime, as the work performed in companies has become commoditized, some roles have remained resilient to the deflation in the price of their work. Among these trades and vocations, the one that we will highlight in this paper is that of the lawyer and attorney.

B. The role of the attorney within any business is special. Their responsibilities are so important that firms often have to outsource their legal work to a separate third party outside of the entity. There are many questions to be asked and answered regarding hiring and maintaining a relationship with an attorney. In this paper, we will answer a number of questions that are relevant to hiring and maintaining a relationship with an attorney, with a particular focus on business. We will first briefly cover the relevant history before exploring information concerning the relationship. Next we will examine the dynamics of hiring a lawyer followed by some good and bad characteristics of attorneys. Then we will give a detailed description of steps that should be taken to hire and then maintain a relationship with an attorney. Lastly, we will demonstrate the importance of hiring and maintaining the relationship with the attorney by demonstrating some consequences before concluding.

II. History

C. The origin of law began with family (Kutner, Louis; pg. 239).

1. Orders given and rules of conduct that were enforced were derived from the head of household, the father. Families expanded into clans which eventually formed tribes with a chief who was chosen to head the expansive group.

2. The chief of the tribe made rules or laws that were never written for countless of centuries, always passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.

D. The first written law known to man was that by Moses who led the Jews from bondage in Egypt (Kutner, Louis; pg. 239).

3. During this journey, that of which took forty years, Moses scripted laws that governed the Jews both in their religious and social lives. The most important laws Moses built are those, which are still known to man today, The Ten Commandments. Four out of the Ten Commandments are religious and the rest are merely the basis of social law.

2. From these sets of laws grew the Laws Old ancient Greece and Rome, later England, then the fundamental laws of the...

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