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How to excel in academic life

By Sergey-Kim Oct 14, 2014 289 Words
How to excel in academic life
Nowadays education has a very strong influence on our lifes in future. The better you in your forming, the better you will be in your future. Following this, everyone wants to be succeeded in his academic life. In my opinion, we have to be unique and diversified. There are those who say that we should be sociable and friendly as well as take part in university life. Meanwhile, others argue that learners should spend all of their time with books and encyclopedias. Let us consider these two opinions.

First of all, people who advise to spend more time talking with people, as a rule are wasting own time in parties and talks. Let us take an example of a student who almost always chat with his friends or participate in entertainment events. From my point of view, such person will not have proper time for study. Thereby, definitely it must be on the second background.

Secondly, hard workers who always learn something and have a pastime almost only with books, will have some problems in relations with people around. For instance, if student do not communicate with others because of hard studying, he can leave without friends and nobody will help him in a difficult situation. Thus, it is opposite side of the first point and also not good one because of the fact that human being is social creature and needs in communication.

To sum it up, it can be said that we have to plan wisely our time for friends, books and other activities, but we should make appropriate decisions when we faced with the choice and spend the majority of our time for self-perfection to excel in academic life.

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