Time and Tide Waits for No Man

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Time is free but it is priceless. We can’t own it, but we can use it. We can’t keep it, but we can spend it. Once we have lost it, we can never get it back.
It is sure and certain that time is like a river. As the current of river flows ahead and never comes back. The same is with time. Once lost it can’t be regained.
The time and tide is the same. The rise and fall of the sea happen twice daily. When it is time, the tide always comes whatever the situation is and we can’t stop it. So that maxim emphasizes that people cannot stop the passing of time and thus should not delay doing things.

It is truly said that "don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count". We got to be very punctual and studies in our lives about time. The whole world runs along with it. If anyone remains back, he surely will be described as a loser in his life. Time is more valuable than money. We can get more money but we cannot get more time.

The value of this maxim is also seen even in fields that do not demand the expenditure of money. Students neglect their studies when their classes are going on. They think that their examination is far-off, and so postpone their studies to a couple of weeks or months before the date. Such students find themselves in grave difficulties. We must use our precious time meaningfully.

The same applies to our health. If we take care of our health in time we need not suffer incurable diseases at old age. If we have slight indigestion or a mild attack of illness we must take appropriate action at the proper time. Otherwise we will find ourselves in the grip of serious illness which will mean much suffering and expense later on.

Another famous maxim goes, "a stitch in time saves nine". It is important not to misuse time and we should try our best before the available time is over.
A farmer has to harvest his crops on time but if he neglects, the birds will eat those crops or untimely rain may destroy it. People of our...
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