How to Design a Digital Library

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How to Design a Digital Library What you do not learn in library school!


Project Information/Name/Number

Emil Levine Library Consultant Breitenfurter Strasse 426/3 Vienna Austria A1230 -------------------------------

Establishment of the UNXXX Library and Knowledge Management Centre Background: UNXXX decided to leave the existing Vienna International Centre Library and to establish their own independent library operated solely by UNXXX staff. The purpose of this project was to bring professional library expertise into UNXXX in order to plan the implementation of this decision in a cost effective and non-disruptive manner. This involves Planning, Implementation and Operations, with the objective of having an operational UNXXX Library and Knowledge Management Centre by 1 January 2001. The strategic mission of the Centre is to enhance the effectiveness of UNXXX. All planning for the library functions was done within a broader scope of the UNXXX Knowledge Management Architecture, assuring that these activities would eventually be in harmony with that system. Activities: The initial activity was drafting of an Operational Plan and schedule for development of the UNXXX Information Centre (Attached). This Operational Plan involves three phases, Planning, Implementation and Operations. A key goal of the Operational Plan is the transparent continuity of services to UNXXX Staff. Due to the short time available for the project, these three phases overlap in some tasks, with the results that the overall development time is shortened in many cases. The first phase, the Planning consisted of several simultaneous tasks including: • Requirements Analysis o Interviewed UNXXX staff to determine precise information requirements o Surveyed existing UNXXX library materials to determine space requirements o Re-certified journal requirements o Determined furniture and supply requirements o Identified electronic resource requirements (databases, CD-ROMs) • Developing external contacts o Established points of contact/vendors for services (e.g., Online services -DIALOG, Proquest from UN consortium, library support software vendor, British Lending Library for Inter-Library Loan, journal subscription service) o Interacted with other UN Libraries o Joined the UN Library Consortium o Announced the new UNXXX Library to all UN Libraries o Recommended services to be continued with VIC o Participated in UN and other Library/Information Science activities o Identified UNXXX information requirements outside of Vienna (Field and Regional Offices, Missions, NGOs, etc.) • Administration/Management o Developed budget

o Identified tasks and how they will be accomplished (Selection, Acquisition, Claiming, Cataloging, Shelving, Circulation, Reference, Inter-Library Loan, Training, Gift and Exchange, Collection Development, Depository Libraries, Electronic/Virtual Library) o Determined personnel requirements As noted above, some Implementation tasks will occur simultaneously with the Planning Phase. Tasks in the Implementation Phase will include: • Acquisition of External Services o Prepare solicitation of bids for journals for 2001 o Order library support software (Integrated Online Library System/IOLS) o Contract for online databases (DIALOG, Proquest, Lexus/Nexus, Reuters, etc.) o Establish Inter-Library Loan services • Internal Activities o o o o o o • Obtain and install furniture and supplies Move books from the VIC Library to D4 Establish “sub-libraries” throughout UNXXX as appropriate Movement of journals from the VIC Library to D4 Link and test digital resources (World Wide Web) Obtain existing library files from VIC Library and load into IOLS

Training o Obtain training on IOLS o Train existing personnel in Library and Knowledge Management Centre tasks (Selection, Acquisition, Claiming, Cataloging, Shelving, Circulation,...
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