How to Dealt with Water Pollution

Topics: Water pollution, Sewage treatment, Water quality Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: December 18, 2012
How to deal with water pollution?
Water pollution could be a dangerous ecological menace to beaches, groundwater, animal and human health. Environmental, human and animal factors may create an infinite array of variables that change the way in which a particular water pollution can be dealt with. According to the World Wildlife Fund (as cited in Association for Sustainable & Responsible in Asia (ASrIA), 2012 ), “…controlling pollution is important to conserving biodiversity…”(n.p.). This article, therefore, will introduce three methods to deal with water pollution; they are the implementation of taxation, the development of water treatment projects and the enactment of international law. Among three solutions, in my perspective, the international law is the most feasible.

1. The Implementation of Taxation
One of the methods of tackling pollution could be implementing taxation by the “polluter-pays principle”. This means that whoever may cause pollution should have to pay to clean it up, one way or another. According to EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2012), they implement the “polluter-pays principle” by imposing waste water charges, bills for water supply and sanitation services in order to improve water quality of surface water. It could mean that tanker owners should have to take out insurance that covers the cost of the oil spill settlement. It could also mean that factory owners should have to pay extra cost for sewage treatment. This illustrates the “polluter-pays” taxation may operate in a wide range of circumstances.

A major concern, however, is whether the “polluter-pays” taxation practically applies to domestic water usage. Under the WFD, domestic users will pay for the water they use and also for the post-use treatment of that water. This is already the case in the UK, where domestic users have to pay as much for the quantity of waste water they accessed to and as for the sewers, the water they draw...
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