How to Create a Maze Game on Powerpoint

Topics: Graphical user interface, Game, Ball game Pages: 4 (1033 words) Published: June 16, 2011
2011 semester 1
Maze Game
Brian Tran

Design Brief
For this semester I was given a situation-create maze game that had the following criteria: * Posed a challenge to gamer
* Had a beginning
* Had an ending
* Entries and exit
* Kiosk mode on
Intro screen
In this game the aim to reach level 10 by following a white path towards the other end beginning at the green ball. Throughout the game there is a series of red balls that will send the player back to start if touched. To pass these levels players must think carefully when to how to move the mouse pointer. Inspirational research

Most of my inspirational research comes from a flash game online called ‘scary maze’. In this game the player must follow a path that leads to harder and harder levels. Eventually players will reach the end a come face to face with scary image. From this I came with an idea for my game with few adaptions, in this case the adaptions are the red balls and the ‘replay a level’ screen. Technical research

For technical research I used the school computers, internet and PowerPoint. Design Ideas
Ideas that I considered were:
* Core colour for all the slides
* Ball to kill of players
* How the game is structured
* Time limit
* Extra lives

Final Design Ideas
That design that I ended up with is:
* A plain white background
* Green balls (safe balls)
* Red balls (danger balls)
* Only one life but able to retry
* Speed of ball: medium

Example of a basic game screen

1. I first started off with creating a basic introduction to the ‘maze game’. This included a title and the author’s name (Brian Tran). Close to the bottom off the game I created a green ball that hyperlinked to slide 2. Next to the green ball reads ‘Proceed to game’. The picture on the left shows the basics of hyperlinks. To hyperlink the green ball to the next slide I simply right-clicked onto the green ball and selected...
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