How to choose the crusher in mining industry

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Whether mining coal, copper, iron ore, or other deposit, to be used in a very important machine tools, xsd sand washerthat is crusher, buy one of the most suitable crusher, not only directly related to the mining face efficiency, it is to some extent related to the subsequent ability of continuous production,also is a major event relevant to healthy development of enterprises. So how to choose a suitable crusher station do? You can focus on the following aspects to consider:

First, by the nature of the deposit to choose. Depending on the nature of the different to pick mine,mobile cone crusher if it is mine, choose cone crusher, if it is a general iron ore, copper select two/three broken crusher on the line, the best option is impact Crusher, if some more ore hardness, resistance will have to choose a higher hardness crusher, hammer crusherit should first understand the applicable range of hardness and crushing characteristics of various crusher. The most common way to the mine jaw crusher and cone crusher, because they can make a very hard ore crushing (highest compression 350Mpa), which is most suitable for those who choose this ore mine is relatively hard. Second, according to integrated production process conditions to choose. The crusher is selected to confidential suitable gravel production line needs to maximize efficiency, depending on the scale of production and the production process conditions, reasonable arrangements coarse crushing ,secondary crushing ,fine crushing and other process equipment to maximize the effectiveness of each of the machine, in order for the next the concentrate is ready to step in, in order to save time and increase productivity of the entire process. Third, according to the brand and price to consider. After the selected type, to select a specific brand, price is a very important consideration. At this point, we recommend choosing those products quality assurance, good reputation manufacturers. Select the appropriate crusher...
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