How To Card A PS4 TUT

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 This guide requires the box method -

- Requirements -
PS4 Serial Number ( Message a few people from Craigslist )

Step 1
Head over to PS4 Support and start a Live Chat.

Step 2
Fill in all the options and make sure to select PS4 > Hardware > Power

Step 3
Say something along the lines "Hi I was playing my PS4 earlier but when turning it on now, nothing would happen. I even tried a different outlet but that didn't work" They will then take you through some easy troubleshooting steps that you can say you just did.

Step 4
Since the troubleshooting steps didn't work they will then ask you to send in the PS4 for repair by sending you a prepaid shipping label and box. Accept and give them your shipping info.

Step 5
Once you got the box you will then do the box method (You can use normal ice) and ship it out. Make sure to make it look like someone broke into your box. Also crumple up the pink paper slip that comes inside the box.

Step 6
Once it arrives there, they will do their "investigation" which literally means nothing because 100% your going to contact them back and they'll tell you their sending out a replacement. Only bad thing is that its only going to be the console that comes. So you'll have to buy the wires and controllers

Well that's pretty much it! Its as simple as that to get a FREE PS4 from Sony! Enjoy guys.
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