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How to Become a Successful Student

By farahlyanaazmi Aug 29, 2013 445 Words
How To Become a Successful Student
Every student wants to be successful, besides who doesn't? But schools seem to ask so much from students that they find success so vague and out of reach. Well, as the old maxim goes, every quality that a successful man has can be acquired by anyone, all that it takes is guts and perseverance. One common problem of students is meeting deadline of their requirements. For some, writing essay and term papers is very challenging, impossible even. But with proper dedication and a competitive spirit, one can create a good quality of output. Others find it difficult to look for resources when making their term papers or writing their essay, especially when they have little or no knowledge at all about the subject matter. How then can students overcome these troubles? First things first. Organizing your time correctly can help you meet deadlines and finish your work ahead of time. Making a list of priorities could help. Write down all the things that you need to do within a specific deadline and rank which comes first and how important are they. Be determined to follow the plan you made and not waste a single second of your time. Ask help. If you find writing difficult, do not get so anxious and/or depressed. There are plenty of resources where you can get ideas and knowledge about what to write. One most effective way is browsing through archives and libraries, whether online or offices. They are of great help to everyone. They not only help you work with your assignment but also give you more knowledge about the world and gain much useful experiences. Asking help from more experienced people is also one great way of being successful. What books cannot teach you, people can. Often, we have questions whose answers cannot be found in books, but can only be taught by experience. But that doesn't mean you have to experience them; you do not have to touch the fire just so you know that it is hot. That is why other people do exist, so they can help you by sharing what they know. Wanting to become successful is an innate attribute of man. Who cares if people would dub you as ambitious? The most important thing is for you to follow your dream. Success starts as soon as you work it out and keep working on it, despite failure. Keep in mind what Thomas Edison said: "I did not fail; I just found 1000 ways that won't work". So when you fail the first time, don't give up. Keep trying. Perseverance is the key to everyone's success.

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