How to Become a Professional Nurse

Topics: Communication, Nurse, Patient Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Becoming a professional nurse, a nurse must self-regulation with knowledge to practice standards and code of ethics. One of the first stepping stone is reflecting in journal of experiential learning. “Knowledge of yourself is gained from reflecting on your experience” (Cooper, 2001, p.22). In the course Development of self as nurse I have learned how to be a professional nurse practicing the standards and code of ethics in a working environment. Also how the tools of communication is affective towards patients.

When walking into a patient’s room for the first time, a Nurse is expected to examine the patients view and to provide the best quality of care. Personally I found the lesson Way of Knowing most engaging to learn because it teaches a nurse student how to approach the patient and communicate with them. There are many different types of ways of knowing which are empirical, ethical, aesthetical, personal and emancipatory. I found this topic most interesting because each one creates the principle and foundation of patient care. During one of the group activities we read a case study of a patient’s chart and discussed her condition and how we would approach and make a connection to her. This made me feel engaged to the subject as if I was standing next to the patient’s bed. Professionalism is one of many characteristic of being a nurse, with a responsibility of their actions, attitude and display the code of conduct to provide the best practice. How the media views affect nurses image has a negative impact on the professionalism aspect of nursing. In this activity we pulled pictures off of the internet of nurses and most were Halloween costumes or cartoons and we discussed how this affects the perspective of professional nurse. I found this most engaging because all the images of nurses on the internet are not what nurses thrive for in a professional view. A professional nurse is responsible for self regulation and to follow the code of ethics, this topic...
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