How to Become Successful

Topics: Failure, Success, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: June 24, 2013
How To Become Successful
The definition of success can be distinct from one to another. Also, we regard success as different things as time goes by. When I was young, I was always asked to get good grades and so that I can enter into a famous university and find a good job and make a big fortune. Now, as a sophomore and an adult who already has independent thinking, I indeed agree with the expression in dictionary - success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do. It points out that success is a kind of achievement but not something you are born with or received from your parents. Some people usually said that someone is so successful for their charming appearance and family honor, and that is totally wrong and critical. You can not comment someone by what they have received but what they have done especially when talks about success. Without great pain, you cannot taste the achievement at all. Furthermore, what you have now could disappear one day. Thus I think success can be anything even a compliment you achieved by yourself. More specifically, success for me is to have a happy and free life. Here, happy means you have own spirit world and discover every small change such as a flower’s blossom and feel happy about it. You don’t rely on any other person to build your life, they are only the constituent part of your life not the center. Free has the similar meaning of happy, you will be free from pressure of the society and so many acquaintances, you just pursue what you want, and enjoy what you have. To be such a successful person, you must have a strong mind. In other words, you must have experienced world first. You may have been betrayed, cheated or you have failed many times on the way to find your opportunity. More than that, you may possibly have lost your faith in life and you are in despair for some time. Nevertheless, we all know that, everything would slip away as time itself pass us by. The...
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