How to Be Good Parents

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How to be good parents
Kids nowadays are so disobedient. Most of the family is facing this serious issue. Some people ignored the problem because they didn’t realize how important it is. If we, as a parent, do not take this problem seriously, it will cause unpredictable consequences to the kids. Currently, media and society are paying close attention to this incident. I strongly agree that school should teach young person to how to be good parents in their future life. To solve these issues, school should be well-prepared by teaching students to be a good parents, for example parents should establish and set rules for their children, having responsibility towards their children and having ability to control own emotional properly.

First of all, parents are required establish and set rules for their own children. Setting rules for children can order them to shape the rules that parents taught to apply themselves. After establish this, children will follow the rules that you gave them and be more discipline in their daily life. Besides that, setting fixed rules also seems to gain benefit to manage themselves when they are older and parents aren’t around. Parents will proud of their children when they saw their children become disciplined without relying on others. Indeed, establish and setting rules is beneficial to the children.

Furthermore, parents must have responsibility towards their kids. Being responsible to them equal giving love and care initiatively. Parents should greets their children often about their homework and daily school life to make sure they aren’t moody when facing any problem in the school without complain. To make sure their safety during outdoors activities is one of the parents’ responsible. This action prevents children from making with foes. Definitely, parents have to pay more responsibility to their children.

Moreover, parents also must have their ability to control own emotional...
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