How Themes in Z For Zachariah are Portrayed Through Characterisation

Topics: Gender role, Fiction, Gender Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: February 25, 2015
How Themes in Z For Zachariah are Portrayed Through Characterisation By Chloe McLevie


Published in 1976, Z for Zachariah, is a novel based on the life of Ann Burden after a nuclear holocaust. She believes she is the only person left in the world but when John Loomis, a violent chemist from New York arrives at the valley and completely changes her life, she leaves her home to try and find rescue. Multiple themes are portrayed in the novel through the characterisation of the main characters. Ann and Loomis showed themes such as fear, possession, growing up, and gender stereotypes.


Fear is a major theme in Z for Zachariah. Since Loomis does not narrate the novel and he doesn't openly talk about his fears very often the reader can only assume what his fears were through his action dan back story. One of Loomis’ obvious fears was begin alone. This is see-through the precessions he took ego stop Ann from escaping the valley and when he killed Edward. Mr Loomis confessed to Ann he was afraid on August 8th, “…’don’t go,’ he said. ‘don’t leave me. Don’t leave me here alone.’” Though he did say he was afraid his body language suggested he was, his voice weakened, he turned away from Ann and he began trembling. Through his action and dialogue Mr Loomis portrays the teem of fear.


After the nuclear war and the death of her family Ann was expected to grow up quickly and take care of herself. Since Ann was only 15 at the start of the novel she was sensitive and naive she still had innocent thoughts such as; “when Mr Loomis recovered from his sickness, there was no reason why we could not plan to be married in a year”. Towards the end of the novel and after she had undergone many hardships such as nearly being raped, losing Faro, being shot at and her most prized possessions begin set on fire Ann matured. At the end of the 81 day period between May 20 and August 8 Ann took reasonable precessions to be safe such as talking to Mr Loomis and finding help...
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