How the Slavery Was in the United States

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FROM 1776 TO 1865

In the United States, racism had been for several hundred years; it’s aslo been a controversial subject for people for a long period of time. Whenever we talk about this subject, it always reminds me about the book called “Race and Manifest Destiny” by Reginald Horsman. This book is one of the greatest books about the racism in the United States from 1776 to 1865. During the early years of America’s history, society was categorized by class rather than skin color. In the early of colonial period, black and white workers who worked together everywhere. However, the crisis of the Norh American owners in the early of sixteenth century has changed the system. Black enslavement had become necessary for the American agricultural economy. There is the first formed an equal human being between blacks and whites. From the beginning of the United State nation to 1865, there was always a distance which separated the White people and Black people or Indian people due to the racial discrimination in the society at that time.

According to Reginald Horsman, who is the author of “Race and Manifest Destiny”, the first enthusiastic English in the term Anglo-saxon was the first product of English’s Reformation. As Horsman wrote, “My interest in this book in suggesting how and why by the mid-nineteenth century many Americans were less concerned with the liberation of other peoples by the spreading of republicationism than with the limitless expansion of a superior American Anglo-Saxon race. My concern is not with the history of science, of language, or of ideas in themselves, but in how the ideas of various sections of the intellectual community both reflected and influenced popular and political attitudes. My interest is in the origins of the new radical ideology and in how it affected the course of American expansion rather than in ways in which the ideology was used internally in an attempt to protect the

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