How Television Shapes Our Mind

Topics: Communication, Television, Writing Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: November 27, 2014
How Television Shapes our Mind
Grace Sangkuan Koo,Ph D.
The television has displaced reading and thus inhibits the growth of reading skills. Watching TV requires less mental effort than reading. Television makes things tangible, while reading demands symbolic representation of language. While television maximizes the use of saliency(bright colors, loud noise, zoom) that appeals more to the right-brain hemisphere, reading depends on the understanding of syntax and the relatively slower, sequential processing of information-the of the left-hemisphere.

There is an alarming increase in cases of dyslexia-the inability to read. Reading is a laborious task compared to watching TV. Recognizing the differences in letters, combining to words, distinguishing the order, comprehending the sentence, connecting to the next one etc. If a kid is raised on a TV diet, who finds reading or schooling attractive? Children who never learn to process language without pictures attached will have difficulty in school. Furthermore, writing ability correlates positively with the number of books read.TV viewing diminishes the quality of intellectual output (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer May 21, 2000)

Questions based on the above paragraphs must have been formulated in mind after the survey. Write your questions that vary as to 5 W's and H. The first sample question is already provided.

1. What two ideas are contrasted in the first paragraph?
2. How does television displace the reading and communication skills? 3. What are the advantage and disadvantage of television in reading and communications skills?
4. Why reading is become a laborious task compared to watching TV? 5. How watching TV requires less mental effort than reading? 6. Why television viewing diminishes the quality of intellectual output?

Read the two excerpts now completely, and highlight key ideas. Write below five important concepts in the left column then, describe each briefly in the right column....
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