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Jordanian popular fashion Jordanian popular fashion or traditional Jordanian dress are those traditional costumes worn by the Jordanians, and represent an important part of the history and the identity and culture of the people of Jordan and the product of civilization over the centuries. Despite the relatively small size of Jordan, but the Jordanian fashion characterized by their originality and diversity very large, especially women, because of the geographic diversity Jordan, where each region with their own designs and fashion a bite and commonalities between some areas. Also feature a fashion making the hand-crafted and decoration based on the history and beliefs and the Jordanian environment.

Jordan an Arab country located southwest Asia, brokered Middle East Located in the southern part of the Levant, and the North Arabian Peninsula with common borders with Syria to the north, Palestinehistorical (the West Bank and Israel) from the West, Iraq to the east, and is bordered by the east and south of Saudi Arabia, also overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba in the south-west, where overlooking the city of Aqaba on the Red Sea, and this is the only sea port of Jordan.

Jordanian kitchen
Jordanian kitchen features using fresh yogurt and cheese in abundance in the dishes. Traditional meal begins with a group entrees prepared from grains and vegetables, mainly beans, chickpeas, eggplant. The national dish of Jordan, which offers on all occasions, he Mansaf record rice, lamb and Albd, a type of milk powder.

Customs and traditions Jordanian

Dabka Jordan is a Jordanian folkloric dance and national dance of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Dancers line up either in the form of a row or in the form of an arc or circle. Dancers male or female, and performed dances either mixed or separation of the sexes. Lead the first dance, dancers, which determines the general direction of the dance, and usually performs additional movements show his skill. Dabka be a

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