UAE Culture

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United Arab Emirates Culture2
Emirati People4
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United Arab Emirates Culture
The culture of UAE is both rich and interesting from the early history of this territory and people, but instant changes are continuously being observed by the time of oil discovery and from the influence of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and immigrants. A few decades ago UAE was consisted of vast pieces of deserts where Bedouin tribes were living peacefully in fishing villages and vast deserts. Culture of Emirates was originated from Arabs and Persian culture and name of UAE culture is Emirati in Arab it is called in Arabic, Al-Thaqafa Al-Emaratiya. UAE culture is strongly influenced by its region and environment having terrains, deserts, oasis, beaches and dedicated traditional lifestyle grown over time periods. With the passage of time and modernization tribal system has been converted to large big cities mud houses into luxury apartments and houses but traditions, values, norms, religion, language and ethics are still deep inside rooted among UAE nationals. Traditional food was meat of goat, sheep and camel, other food items in daily routine were rice, bread, fish dates and homegrown vegetables. Life in north and east mountains was different from the sandy territories in terms of clothes, food but way of business was same among adjacent of coastline by doing trade through sea.

Arabic is the official language of UAE but English is second language which is used in schools, universities, Commerce and trade. Emirati People
There is great ethnicity among people of Arab originated from Arabian, Persian civilizations. Emirati leadership is in hands of Bani Yas, Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum families; Emirati is derived from two adjacent cultures Persian and Arabian respectively. There is also a great influence of Europe, East Africa and India because of immigrants from these regions went there for better opportunities and employments, they introduce different dress codes, food dishes and different activities of interests for individuals.

Generation X prefer to wear traditional Arab dress a long woolen white shirt with tope on head and women wearing Hijab also known as Abaya which covers whole body and even face and head. This women dress is also according to the Emirati religion Islamic instructions and rules to cover whole body and appearance. Men dress code is also suitable for hot and dry weather of UAE. Men dress is called kandura. Emirati individuals keep their dress neat and clean and continuously change their dress on regular basis. But somehow youth mostly prefer to wear western styles such as Jeans and T-shirts and Pent coat in universities and occasions of business organizations. But Emirati nationals always wear their traditional dresses on important occasions and activities such as; wedding ceremonies, religious ceremonies, official participations and other events. Marriage, Family

UAE people prefer to merry within families, tribes and relatives. UAE people are encouraged to merry nationals also by the Government and are awarded with bonus of $19000 by the Government. Arabs are also encouraged to expand families and birth rates because of few populations of nationals. Most of the nationals are employed in Government sector in administration, education, health, commerce etc and People enjoy rich and luxury life due to revenue reserves generated from oil exports. Religion

Religion of all nationals is Islam, the true followers of Muhammad (PBUH) and his advices and preaches. They are all Sunni by sect and most of the Asian immigrants also Muslims. However people of different religions have liberty to obey their religions. Laws are according to the Islam for all Muslims but for non-Muslims there are some modifications. Sports...

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