How Successful Were Mussolini’s Domestic Policies from 1922 – 1940?

Topics: Fascism, Great Depression, World War II Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 29, 2012
How successful were Mussolini’s domestic policies from 1922 – 1940?

After Mussolini’s rise to power in 1922 and his seemingly successful attempts to make his regime in Italy a dictatorship, he attempted to solidify his status as a strong ruler by introducing a number of internal policies. These laws aimed to make Italy a strong, and powerful Fascist state, a reputation he became keener to embrace as Hitler and the Nazi regime became more extreme in the late 1930s. However, Mussolini was arguably less successful in enforcing these ideas and convincing the Italian people fascism was the best thing for their country. Many of the policies were enforced at face value in order to impress foreign visitors, but few of such policies could truly be acknowledged as embedded in the Italian way of life. Mussolini’s domestic policies therefore cannot be seen as successful as in most cases, despite his efforts and his claims of triumph, said laws were never truly accepted by the people or made any difference to Italy as a country.

It could be argued that Mussolini’s domestic policies from 1922-1940 can be considered as successful as he was able to introduce new organizations into the Italian state, for example the Ministry of Corporations. The idea of the corporate state was just one of many ways Mussolini attempted to strengthen Italy’s reputation in post-war Europe. Alfred Rocco’s corporate state aimed to reorganize a properly functioning economy to stabilize Italy as a country, and encourage state ownership of enterprise and economy. It aimed to establish a ‘mid-ground’ between capitalism and communism, where private companies would be permitted, but the government would essentially control their actions. This supported Mussolini’s desire for an ‘everything for the state’ country. Mussolini’s internal economic policies can also be commended when considering the relatively painless way in which Italy survived the Wall Street Crash in comparison to the rest of Europe....
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