How Stakeholders Influence Aims and Objectives

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Concluding paragraph on how stakeholders influence aims and objectives

Kingsfield School

In Kingsfield School the stakeholders have a huge influence on the aims and objectives of the school. One of the key stakeholders in Kingsfield are the students and the students are key in influencing Kingsfield’s aims and objectives. The students were rather having the focus on entertainment and fun rather than grades. This influences the school. If the students want more fun things like games and quizzes and sports days this puts pressure on the teachers. And this creates a conflict of interest between stakeholders. The students and teachers both want different things as I said the students want enjoyment, whereas the teachers are put under pressure by parents and the government to get the pupils the best possible education. All these groups of stakeholders are trying to influence the schools aims as much as possible so that the aims and objectives are as they want them. The employees, parents, government and local community would all be on the side of the school performing to its best and making sure that every pupil that attends Kingsfield School gets the best education possible. Whereas students would be on the side of fun. After taking all the stakeholders in to consideration the school will have to decide the best possible equal decision for all parties and try and make everyone happy with the aims and objectives of the school.


Wal-Mart’s current aims are provide a quality service everyday at the cheapest possible price. Their main objective is too maximising profit the same most PLC’s. Wal-Marts stakeholders are key to influencing the aims and objectives as these are the people the visit and buy from the store. A key conflict of interest between stakeholders is between the owners/shareholders and the customers. The customers will want the prices to be as low as possible so that they achieve the biggest saving possible to keep money for other...
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