How Physical Disabilities Affect People

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Physical Disabilities
Myth 1: Personal Tragedy
Society believes that when someone is “plagued” with a disability, they should be viewed as tragic entities. Disabilities are often viewed as pitiful and therefore everyone must feel sorry for those who are “less fortunate.” I have been guilty of feeling sorry for those who are disabled. I believe it is a part of human nature to feel compassion for someone who is going through a hardship. However, I do not agree that disabled people are less fortunate than any other able bodied person. When the football player spent 30 days in a wheelchair, on day 3 you witness how he felt for the others in the meeting he attended. Hearing many of those stories of how the others became paraplegic made the football player and myself feel for them. Myth 2: Dependent and Helpless

Asking for assistance and requiring assistance are two completely different things. Every person, including myself, has asked for help in certain tasks, so when someone with a disability asks for it, it does not mean they always need it. Disabled people occasionally may require assistance, but it does not mean they are going to be dependent on it. I completely agree that unless a disabled person asks for assistance, then they are fully capable of doing tasks on their own. Just think, someone will not always be with them every second, so they must manage on their own. Never assume anything unless proven so. A great example that dispels this myth is Tisha UnArmed. Tisha was born without arms, but she goes through life just like everyone else. She records herself doing everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, and you do not see her asking anyone for help. Myth 3: One Dimensional Group

Part of human nature is categorizing and compartmentalizing subjects and objects in life. So, it is only natural that again society clumps and lumps disabled people in a category that they are all the same. The view is that disabled people all have the same needs, desires,...
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