How Many Of You Recycle

Topics: Recycling, Reuse, Recyclable materials Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: November 11, 2014
How many of you recycle?
I try to recycle as much as I can, and I enjoy doing it. I recycle because I know that I am some how helping our environment and economy. Today I will be telling you about recycling and reasons why you all should recycle as much as you can. I will begin by talking about the reasons why most people do not recycle. Why recycling is important, and reasons why you all should recycle more in your everyday life.

Reasons why many people don’t recycle. According to the article “5 reasons why people don’t recycle”, inconvenient is the number 1 reason why people don’t recycle. People are lazy and do not want to put the extra effort because it is too time consuming. They don’t have time to wash out items, bag recyclables separately or drop them off at a recycling center. But in reality did you know paper takes five months to break down in a landfill, milk cartons take five years, plastic bags take 10-12 years and a glass bottle takes about 1 million years, now that’s time consuming if you ask me. Climate change has convinced some people that recycling doesn’t make a difference. They believe there is no problem, and recycling is useless. Another reason why people don’t recycling is because they are misinformed about the need of the growing waste problem in the U.S., which includes the challenge of limited space and its impact on the Earth. Many believe Earth’s resources are abundant. People also get confused about sorting recyclable items in the appropriate bins is too much work for them. Trying to find out which types of products and plastics are appropriate for recycling can be confusing. Understanding schedules for recycling pick-up can also add another layer of confusion.

Why recycling is important? Recycling has a lot of benefits that can help people and save the environment as well. Its importance can be observed in many different ways. Here are some great reasons why recycling is important Recycling saves...
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