How Kristin Died

Topics: Injunction, Police, Restraining order Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: August 31, 2014
Case Study 2
How Kristin Died
Kristin Lardner was abused publicly and eventually murdered by her abusive boyfriend of whom she had stopped seeing but he kept on calling, stalking and threatening her. Michael Cartier had shot her in the head and face while he was under a court order to stay away from her. When police searched his apartment, they found him sprawled on his bed, dead from a final act of self-pity. Key Problems:

The key problems is this case is that they system (bureaucracy) let Kristin down. Though everything had been done to secure a restraining order for Kristin against Michael Cartier; the system failed to follow through on their end of the agreement due to a severe lack of communication and lack of professional staff. For example; 1. Kristin’s application for a restraining order of protection from Michael Cartier was filed in a timely manner to the correct officials. It was left sitting on the desk unsigned after two weeks and was found after Kristin had been murdered. 2. After Kristin’s death investigators learned that there had been no background report about Michael Cartier requested by law enforcement, who had arrested him, nor by his parole officer, who was the overseer of his adherence to parole. 3. Kristin’s own reluctance to press charges against Michael Cartier because she felt great empathy for him because of his past abuse from his mother. 4. Michael’s parole officer who felt the same empathy for him that Kristin did and instead of putting him in jail when he violated his parole, she would sign him up for a “Stop abuse training program” or help him get an early parole from jail. 5. There was a problem with impersonalization. The law enforcement officials didn’t seem to take Kristin’s problem very seriously. They seemed to look at it as just another domestic violence case that would probably resolve itself. 6. A system of justice that was inefficient and had a propensity to look the other way especially at the evil done to...
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