How Jude Became Famous in School

Topics: Drug, High school, Illegal drug trade Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Cody Williams
So far in the story, Jude’s father has been murdered and he’s now residing with his biological mother in a safer area of town. He transferred from Hartsford High to Benton Academy, a private school located in the heart of the suburbs. In his third week at the new school, many had already heard about the “new kid from the ghetto” and some were interested in learning about the ghetto, some were afraid of him, and some wanted to test him. So a boy named Matt tried to see his level of toughness and started a fight with him in the cafeteria. Matt shoved him after an exchange of words, and Jude retaliated by breaking his nose with one striking punch.

Just two days later, after the whole Matt situation, a group of Matt’s friends sought vengeance and jumped him in the bathroom during lunch. After Jude fought back and defeated all four kids, his mother, now extremely frustrated, began to lose hope when she faced the chance of expulsion for Jude. He had began to go downhill already at this new school and he’d only been there a week shy of a month. But when Jude’s mother, Anna, got the idea of putting him in boxing classes, she decided that was her last chance to get Jude to be on the right path and trouble-free. There is a 0-tolerance for outside fighting at the boxing gym, so Jude would have to remain out of trouble to stay in it.

Jude’s fighting victories suddenly made the new celebrity at school. Everyone wanted to befriend him now. Jude had nothing in common with the kids at Benton however, so he still felt lonely. It was one boy in his grade by the name of Nick, who had seemed to have something in common with Jude. But Nick seemed to keep his distance from Jude, probably since he was too busy hanging out with the cool kids. Nick finally approached Jude because word had got around that Jude was from the hood and Nick saw this as an opportunity to buy some weed. Jude wasn’t a drug dealer, but he still brought Nick in and out his old neighborhood,...
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