How John M. Browning’s Inventions Have Influenced U.S. Economic History

Topics: Economic history, John Browning, Economy Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Paul A Rogerson
How John M. Browning’s Inventions have Influenced U.S. Economic History

* Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how vital the role of John Moses Browning has been in U.S. economic history. There is much already published on this subject and this paper supports what has been previously written about the importance of Browning’s inventions. In my paper I will conclude that the success that The U.S. has seen would not have been as easily achieved without Browning. * Section 1: This section will cover how Browning got his start in inventing and a brief explanation of his childhood. This will establish credibility and help support further arguments within the remaining paper. * Section 2: This section will give an overview of Browning’s inventions; mainly weaponry. It will be for education purposes and be a strength to the paper because it will show how vast and numerous the weapons he introduced are. * Section 3: This section will be used to describe in detail which specific weapons gave the U.S. an advantage over her enemies. It will prove that tactics and weapons were the reasons that the U.S. was able to win the battles we were involved in. * Section 4: This will be the final section and will show how the U.S. Economy has been successful due to the victory in wars. This will be a very crucial section because it will illustrate why ultimately Browning was important to the success of the economy in the U.S. * Conclusion: This paper will introduce Browning and give an overview of his importance in the history of the U.S.’s economic success through the time his inventions were implemented in the battles we were involved in.
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