How Is Stanley Portrayed as Vilian

Topics: 20th century, Violence, Psychology, Drama, Behavior, Bathroom / Pages: 2 (430 words) / Published: May 2nd, 2013
How is Stanley portrayed as a villain ?

Streetcar named desire was a play set in the 20th century, 1951 written by Teneesse Williams. This extrct from scene 10 is significant section of the play as it depicts the most important part of the play with the implied rape on Blanche by Stanley. Williams uses dramatic techniques and symbols which illustrate Stanley's violent and aggressive behavoiurs, displaying him in negative light and as a villian and through the use of violence and animal imagery. Also allowing us to see Stanley as an angonist to the actions he persued on Blanche. Teneesse Williams also uses the settings and motifs such as insanity to protray Blanche as a victim.

Willams successfully uses the imagery of animalism to exhibit stanley's primative actions, allowing us to see more of a villain in his character. He creates an intense atmosphere whereby Blanche is seeing the night as, "filled with inhuman voices, like cries in a jungle...", proposing Blanche's distant mind from sanity but also the ambience that Stanley may have formed this tense atmosphere which surrounds the two characters. Stanley displays primative behaviours by biting "his tongue which protrudes between his lips", which gives use the imagery of a snake observing his prey before attack. Stanley's connotations with primal actions are always interperated with him being the predetor, attacking the prey. Stanley attacking Blanche and raping her also gives us the impression that he is taking over her body; like he is marking his territory. The "rough house" treatment of Stanley towards Blanche suggest how the predetor is trying to attack, whislt the prey resists, fearing for their life. It may be interperated how Stanley wants Blanche to be resistant as it makes his victory more satisfying. .Williams also uses the setting of the bathroom to depict Stanley's victory over Blanche. The symbolism of the bathroom in previous scenes of the play was used as a sanctuary for Blanche to

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