How Far Was James Successful in Dealing with the Problems Presented by Puritanism in 1611-1625?

Topics: Puritan, William Laud, Puritanism Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Throughout James’ reign, religion, especially Puritanism was kept respectably under control, however incurring minor ‘hiccups’ along the way. James was indifferent to religious prejudice and aimed to please both Catholics and protestants; introducing the Jacobean compromise. Before 1611 when Abbot succeeded Bancroft (previous archbishop), there were many glitches concerning the puritans including the Millenary Petition, Hampton Court Conference and Bancroft’s Cannons which caused mild uproar among puritans, however was short-lived. His main succession begun when pro-puritan Abbot became Archbishop in 1611. It wasn’t until 1618 when things took a turn for the worst. In 1611, George Abbot became the archbishop of Canterbury. This caused puritans great joy as he was very pro-puritan unlike his predecessor Richard Bancroft. Previously, puritans had cause to feel rejected by the religious world due to such results of Bancroft’s Cannons; especially article 39. This caused many puritans to withdraw from their worship rather than agree to these rules. However, James was not fazed by this as it had caused him no significant loss. It could be argued that the introduction of Abbot came at the right time acting as an advantage for James as well as puritans. This influence on James would make him more lenient towards Puritanism, contrasting his previous attitude. This was inevitably the beginning of his succession with the puritans. Shortly after this, also in 1611, James introduced a new bible which was his authorized own version. This delighted the puritans as they seen it not only as a new aspect, but as a symbol from James that he was endorsing their way of worship. The bible was a vital aspect of the Puritans worship, therefore portraying James’ new version as a new chapter perhaps, in terms of previous criticism and rejection of puritan beliefs. These acts of James conveyed to the people that he had took an interest in the religious society, and due to his focus on the...
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