How Does Priestley Present the Change in Sheila During the Course of the Play ‘an Inspector Calls? How Do You Think This Change Reflects Some of Priestley's Ideas?

Topics: Working class, Social class, Sociology Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: May 4, 2013
An inspector calls is a morality play that challenges the ideas of an upper class Edwardian audience,preistley achieves this both through the attitudes of the play but also through his implementation of personal morals. Sheila is initially presented as the stereotypical Edwardian daughter but soon freely presents her emotions, without the need for approval from her parents. Sheila is first presented as the stereotypical daughter who conforms to the wishes of her parents, “you’re squiffy” shows Sheila being very respectful in the way she speaks, but in this still presenting her emotions without upsetting her would be expected of Sheila to be very well spoken, “yes, go on, mummy” uses formal address terms showing Sheila’s acceptance of the fact that she must be reading further we see that even though Sheila is initially respectful she in fact has very strong beliefs in what is right and wrong.preistley may have been attempting to show that despite the perfect image the upper class present there are in fact major flaws. Mr birling later voices his happiness at the fact he will gain great wealth from his daughters marriage, despite the fact that marriages at that time were for wealth rather than love Sheila still resents the fact that he shows no interest in her feelings, whereas a modern father would always put his daughter’s happiness first without fail. “For lower costs and higher prices” makes clear Mr birling’s intentions clear. “Neither do I. All wrong” shows Sheila's continuous presentation of respect for her parents, no matter what she really feels. Priestley continues to show the façade that the upper class present, as well as the lack of love shown in Edwardian families where as far as a parent is concerned money is the most important thing in their life. Sheila is later presented with a ring to cement her engagement “is it the one you wanted me to have?”, The use of the personal pronoun ‘you’ shows Gerald's control in the...
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