How Does Cranes Explain Changes of the Role of Man in the Modern World

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Module 1: How does Crane explain changes in man’s role in the modern world?

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How does Crane explain changes in man’s role in the modern world?

In the modern world, man’s role has changed dramatically because of the devolvement of technology to mechanize a lot of equipment as if they had a brain of their own. The job that those equipments are doing, use to be performed by men, which is very interesting to me. Since through modern science machines are proving to be more and more efficient then men, so may be some day men’s role in the modern society will ceased to exist.

I believe that men’ role in the modern world is relatively new and a fashionable theory. It is actually quite difficult to pin point its basic characteristics, it means many different things to different thinkers. As I read the book of “the open boat “written in 1871 by Stephen Crane. I realize that, men’s way of thinking has evolved since then. Their beliefs has also evolved but in different manner. During the time of Stephen Crane, men were more susceptible to believe and accept in whatever natural theory that could be rationalized through the laws of science. Now through modern science almost every laws of nature can be explain to a degree where an individual can question the belief of a higher power.

In 1871 men were not as aware of what was going on in their surroundings like we are today, due to the lack technology advancement. As I continue to read this story of these four men trapped on that boat, I think of a lot things that could have been different, for instance the role each person played in the boat. In this modern world we live in today the oiler would not have to try so hard to navigate to boat each time that the wind picked up, due the fact that no captain would set sail into the sea using that type boat for an extended period of time without...
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