How do I Approach an Essay

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How do I Approach an Essay

How did I approach Essay writing in High School? Well, before I can explain that to you I must first explain that I have never been to high school or for that matter an elementary school in my entire life. I wanted to start by telling you a little about my educational background. From the ages of 5-16 I was homeschooled. I was raised in a religious community where I was homeschooled along with my siblings and all of the children that were part of the community. I left the community when I was 16 and since then I have always wanted to go to college. I did earn my GED a few years ago, always with the dream of attending college. I defiantly feel as though I’ve had a lack of education and have had no formal writing training since I was 16 and even then, the curriculum was poor and skewed at best. I truly feel I need a college degree so that I will have what it takes to make something of myself. Since I was young I have wanted to be a nurse and I believe I am taking the right steps to make that dream a reality. I am eager to learn, but also a bit nervous about how hard this may be for me. So, back to the original question and assignment, “How do I approach an Essay.” When we were asked to write essays in “school”, I would first consider the subject matter. I would then create an outline, a rough draft, and then write a finally copy. I do believe I know the fundamentals and hope I’m not making myself out to look like a victim, but I did think it was important to bring up my background when I was asked how we approached essay writing in high school. I’m really looking forward to this experience which I know will help me better my education and career, therefore bettering myself.
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