How Do Images Influence Our Thoughts and Actions

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Asa Rodger
Graphic Design

How do images have an influence on our thoughts and actions?

In your essay, consider the persuasive effect of images and image manipulation on individuals and audiences. Take into account historical and contemporary perspectives. Consider the effectiveness of various image making media. Select case studies to illustrate your discussion and conclusions. Try to find relevant points of comparison and contrast in your selected examples.


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How do images have an influence on our thoughts and actions?


This essay will look into the effects of seduction across multiple design fields and how these effects are achieved and with what techniques. The design field covers a large variation of multimedia, print and art. The object of this essay is to analyse a series of different examples of my subject and form an understanding of the topic. Seduction in design fields has been effective for many years and is now on display and unmistakable in advertising internationally. There are various different ways to seduce the senses of the consumer from the visual sexual tones to using design fundamentals to attract and guide the human eye. Beyond the obvious visual items and plays on the attraction of human bodies, there are ways to display seduction in visual metaphors through shape, line, text, layout and colour. These design fundamentals can be very strong in pushing a product and making a sale, crucial even. This essay aims to explore the aesthetically pleasing seduction and also the subtleties of design, which hit the correct notes of subliminal charm, beauty and perfection. Is the product seductive or is the surrounding design seducing the consumer into a false pretence to consume?

“Latin seduction (n-), from seducere ‘draw aside’ (see seduce).”

The definition of seduction comes from the Latin derivative to ‘draw aside’, to lead astray, in this sense the word seduction catches negative connotations. This is the case with many design pieces especially within the marketing industry and general consumerism, whether seduction is being used with negative or positive intentions. How this is applied and used to advantages of corporate companies in marketing is where I want to investigate and analyse deeper. Successful design evokes emotion and I think that seduction and envy are the stronger emotions, which can be played on by marketing. How do images have an influence on our thoughts and actions? These seductive images in question influence our thoughts and actions as the consumer; it influences how we feel about a product, event, character or situation to the gain of the merchant.

Section 1: The aesthetic lust throughout consumerism
How do images have an influence on our thoughts and actions?

In contemporary mainstream consumer advertising (magazines, network and cable television), sex is present in promotional messages for a wide range of branded goods. Ads feature provocative images of well-defined men and women in revealing outfits and postures selling clothing, alcohol, beauty products, and fragrances. Advertisers such as Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret, and Pepsi use these images to build a ubiquitous media presence. Sexual information is used to promote mainstream products not traditionally associated with sex too, beyond perfumes and fragrances. Since the earliest ages of advertising, seduction has played a huge aspect of capturing the audience and swaying the consumer. This section is going to look into the design through history, and the use of the human body visually in advertising with sexual connotations.

This is the practice of sexualisation, to the point of personal projection is influenced. Image is one of the strongest tools in sales and pop culture often drives what is...

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