How did the renaissance change man's view of man

Topics: Religion, Science, Protestant Reformation Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: October 31, 2013
How did the renaissance change man’s view of man? The renaissance changed man’s view of man through the lenses of philosophy, religion, art, and science. Philosophy was made that challenged the ideas of monarchs and how people should be ruled. There were many pre-conceived church doctrines which were challenged by the great scientists of that time. In religion a new culture was being formed that challenged the held believes of the Catholic Church. The artist broke from the church and religious ideals and pursued a more humanistic approach. Philosophy also had a major impact on changing man’s view of man. Philosophers shared a satirical, critical style, a commitment to open-mindedness and inquiry, and in various degrees a hostility to established political and religious authority. John Lock offered principles for constructing a constitutional government, a contract between rulers and ruled that was created by human ingenuity rather than divinely prescribed. Voltaire wanted equal rights for all religions and freedom of religion. These new ideas added new ways of looking at one self.

Religion. Religion had a turning point in the Renaissance age. After years of the Catholic church having the sole dominate control of Europe it was challenged. Thoughts changed from being all about god and heaven to a focus on the individual. Yet, religion still remained. Domes were built in cities such as Florence that revitalized the old roman building techniques. It meant that your place had power and wealth. It was also in their believes, pleasing to god. The Christian religion also spread out. After Martin Luther nailed his theses to the doors of a church his ideas quickly spread and Lutheran was born that differed from the church. The Catholic Church no longer had the main power and was now challenged by a new rival Christian religion. This allowed man to choose his own beliefs allowing man to question and seek the truth for what he believes is right. Religion...
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