How Did Jeffersonians Achieve Their Goals

The Jeffersonian´s were very successful in achieving their goals in 1801-1809 due to political and economic reasons. The first goal that the Jeffersonians achieved was the Election of 1800. Jefferson won by a majority of 73 electoral votes to 65. The Empire State fell into the Jeffersonian basket, largely because Aaron Burr, turned New York to Jefferson by the narrowest of margins. The Virginian polled the bulk of Jefferson's strength in the South and West, particularly where universal white manhood suffrage had been adopted. President Jefferson hated the Alien and Sedition Acts. After the Alien and Sedition Act had expired the president pardoned the ¨martyrs¨ who were serving sentences under the Sedition Act, and the government remitted many fines. Shortly after the Congress met, the Jeffersonians enacted the new naturalization law of 1802. This act reduced the unreasonable requirement of fourteen years of residence to the previous and more reasonable requirement of five years. Jefferson kicked away only one substantial prop of the Hamiltonian system. Jefferson hated the excise tax and he persuaded Congress to repeal it. Jefferson's devotion to principle thus cost the federal government about a million dollars a year in urgently needed revenue. Napoleon Bonaparte owned Louisiana in the 1800s. …show more content…
Madison. Marshall greatly magnified the authority of the court, and slapped the Jeffersonians. Controversy had clouded the question of who had the final authority to determine the meaning of the Constitution. Jefferson in the Kentucky resolutions (1798) had tried to allot that right to the individual states. But now Jefferson in Jefferson cousin on the Court had cleverly promoted the contrary principle of ¨judicial review.¨ Marshall inserted the keystone into the arch that supports the tremendous power of the Supreme Court in American

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