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Chapter 11 The Triumphs and Travails of the Jefferson Republic

Federalist and Republican Mudslingers pg.211-213
New taxes were the effect of the war preparations which increased the public debt. Terms

Alien/Sedition Acts (1798)
Aroused critics from the Jeffersonians and other enemies.

War with France
War preparations had raised the public debt and led to new taxes.

John Adams
“the father of the American Navy” made unnecessary military preparations.

Was an atheist; people had feared him

The Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800” pg.214-215

Thomas Jefferson beats John Adams in the election of 1800.

Thomas Jefferson beat John Adams by a majority of 73 to 65 electoral votes.

Aaron Burr
Wire-puller; Turned New York to Jefferson and Virginia.

3/5 vote
Slave population gave the white southerners a bonus that helped Jefferson.

Responsibility Breeds Moderation pg. 216-217
The success of Jefferson’s Party was the first party overturn in American history. Terms

Became the president on march 4, 1801.

“The will of majority is in all cases to prevail”

Had a weak voice and unimpressive platform presence.

Rule of pell-mell
Seating without regard of rank

Jefferson was effective in the informal atmosphere of a dinner party

Jeffersonian Restraint pg.218
Albert Gallatin had lowered the national debt through strong economy. Terms

Neutralization Law of 1802
reduced the requirement of 14 years of residence to the previous 5 years.

Albert Gallatin
Secretary of Treasury to Jefferson; believed that a national debt wasn't a blessing

he reduced the national debt with a strict economy

The “Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary pg. 218-219

Judiciary Act of 1801created sixteen new federal offices but quickly was disbanded.


President Adams
Remained as a president until 9 o’clock signing the commissions of the Federalist Judges.

Sponsored Judiciary Act

Judiciary Act of 1801
passed by the expiring Federalist Congress; created 16 new federal judgeships and other judicial offices.

Democratic Congress
quickly repealed the act and kicked out the 16 newly seated judges

James Madison
New secretary of state

Jefferson, a Reluctant Warrior pg. 219-220
The leader of Tripoli declares war on the United States.

Jefferson preferred to make the military smaller

was forced to bend his thoughts of not using military force when the leader of Tripoli informally declared war on the United States

 The U.S. paid Tripoli $60,000 for the release of captured Americans

The Louisiana Godsend pg. 220-222
Napoleon Bonaparte sell Louisiana and abandons his dreams.

Napoleon Bonaparte
 convinced the king of Spain to give Louisiana land area to France in 1800

decided to sell all of Louisiana and abandon his dream of a New World Empire

James Monroe
went to join Robert Livingston in Paris in 1803 to buy as much land as he could for $10 million. 

Louisiana in a Long View pg. 222-224

Thomas Jefferson sends his personal secretary to explore the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase. Terms

Robert Livingston
along with James Monroe, negotiated in Paris for the Louisiana land area

signed a treaty on April 30, 1803 ceding Louisiana to the United States for $15 million

sent his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark to explore the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase.    

The Aaron Burr Conspiracies pg. 224-225
Hamilton accepts Burr’s challenge and gets killer (shtot). Terms

Aaron Burr
Jefferson's first-term vice president

after being dropped from Jefferson's cabinet, he joined a group of extremist Federalists...
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