How Can Companies Lessen the Carbon Footprints of Their Supply Chains ?

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Supply chain management, Global warming Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Almost every day the media shows the latest news of the effects of global warming, e.g. fast melting icebergs, extremely hot summer and cold winter temperatures and at the moment long running dryness . It`s obviously, t hat our planet is showing some serious changes. The main reason for this development is the increasing CO2 emissions all over the world. In this case organizations play an important role. And that’s where green supply chain management comes into play. My question is: What can companies do to reduce the carbon footprints of their supply chains?

The first issue is the problem of less than truckload shipments. So consolidating it into full truckloads would be a cheaper and greener solution. To advance truckload delivery, the enterpriser may install order minimums for customers and 48 hours advance notice of orders. Route optimizations should be enforced too. As a result, the company is able to eliminate a number of miles, reducing its CO2 emissions per ton delivered by a cheaper price. The second big point is the missing corporation between companies. In this area there is a big demand of improvement like encouraging freight carrier to decrease carbon issues by incorporating environmental considerations into performance scorecards and fortifying its carriers to take part in an environmental agency like EPA. Perhaps there may be also an arrangement to use new and lower-emission equipment. Besides there are already concerns like Kellogg`s which improve water efficiency and downsize defective goods, based on an agreement with 21 major companies.

The third thing to be mentioned is the huge amount of old vehicles polluting the environment while carrying goods from dispatcher to acceptor. One solution could be the upgrade of tractor and trailer equipment to “greener“ models which leads to carbon reduction. Another possibility consists of a replacement of old tractors and furthermore to equip the trucks with special tires and direct-drive...
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