Integration of Ecodesign in Product Development

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extra - OR, another example, perhaps more relevant might be as follows. An end-of-pipe approach to household waste might be to incinerate the rubbish. This is only deals with the results of the problem rather than preventing the problem. The opposite would be to prevent the production of the waste in the first place by limiting or banning packaging used in the first place.

the aim of this article is to identify the success factors presented for the integration of Ecodesign in product development and to provide a structured overview of the factors.


Today it is widely acknowledged that companies need to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

in the early days of industrial environmental consciousness focus was set on so-called "end-of-pipe" solutions. Which means reducing the amount of harmful emmision and substances from manufacturing facilities. *in other words - reducing emision that comes out (at the end of the "pipe")

eg. of an end-of-pipe approach might be dealing with CO2 emmissions from coal-fired power stations by capturing and storing the carbon rather than finding a different way of producing power altogether.

Recently, focus has changed towards the environmental performance of the products and consequently product development has become of great importance, because a product's environmental performance is mainly determined during the product development process.


Ecodesign - refers to actions taken in product development aimed at minimising a product's environmental impact during its whole life cycle, without compromising product criteria such as performance and cost.


Frame of Reference: Factors Affecting the Success of Product Development

Research on product development can be distinguished into three different streams, i.e. rational plan, communication web and disciplined problem solving.

'The rational plan stream' has focused on finding what determines a products financial performance. The success of a product development project is measured by the product's profit, sales and market share. Basically, this research stream suggests that success is achieved by careful planning of a unique product having superior quality and cost advantages, directed towards an attractive market. The plans are executed by a co-ordinated and competent cross-functional team, including people from different functions, supported by senior management. Other important ingredients for success are early involvement of both customers and suppliers.

'The rational plan stream' - focuses on finding what determines a products financial performance. Creating a product having superior quality and cost advantage. The most "sensible" stream

Compared to the previous stream, 'the communication web stream' adopts a more narrow view of product development. Focus is set on how a project team's internal and external communication affect the project performance, which is measured by team and management ratings. The results produced in this stream indicate that success in product development much depends on external communication. Gatekeepers, who encourage development teams to communicate with outsiders, and powerful project managers, who communicate externally to ensure resources, are pointed out as being of major importance for successful product development. Success is also related to cross-functional teams that communicate internally about concrete tasks and novel routines, for example.

'the communication web stream' - focues on how a project team's internal and external communication affect the project performance.

The third stream is the 'disciplined problem solving stream'. Successful product development is seen as being dependant on...
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