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How Atheism Affects Religion

By Ashley06211 Sep 04, 2013 323 Words
“How does Atheism affect religion?”
First of all, Atheism is defines as the rejection of the belief that there is a superior being. All of the things that has happened and those that are still going to happen revolve around science, logic and reasoning. However, that is contradicted by religion in which it is defined as the acceptance of a superior being, an almighty creator.

Because of the great contradiction between the two beliefs, there are different effects. Many atheists refuse to believe that there is a superior being, which is why Atheists affect religions by degrading, demeaning the dignity, credibility and validity of religion. For them, the teaching and all the things that other religions believe in are entrusted in faith, no understanding, and insufficient knowledge about their own religion. For example, when Catholics say that they believe in Jesus, Atheists would in turn ask on how the Catholics would prove the existence of Jesus since the Atheists would always question the faith and belief of the Catholics. The Atheists would always, find different reasons and sources to validate the beliefs. On a brighter side, the Atheists way of thinking also affects religion through influencing the different religions to pursue and understand more their own religions through the process of criticism, willingness to know as well as keeping an open mind. Atheists tend to establish the correct way of questioning, analytical reasoning and logical thinking in order for religions to fully understand what they believe in their religions. It is through knowing that one can fully grasp the true meaning of their religion.

Although there are different aspects wherein atheism can affect religion however, this does not stop us from understanding and continue criticizing our own religion because we’ve come to the conclusion that through different questions and criticisms, we will be able to fully grasp the meaning and the purpose of our religion as well as strengthening our faith.

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